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by Pat Perry

Director: Bob Fosse

Screenplay: Robert Alan Arthur and Bob Fosse

Bob Fosse’s “All That Jazz” isn’t just a movie. It’s a whole lot of different movies seamlessly intertwined through and around each other to create a dazzling, thematically dense whole.

To wit, “All That Jazz” is all of the following things, often all at the same time: A thinly-veiled autobiographical take on the year that Fosse suffered a heart attack while concurrently rehearsing the original Broadway production of “Chicago” and editing a biopic of comedian Lenny Bruce. A lovingly detailed insider’s look at how a Broadway musical comes together. Homage to Fellini’s “8 1/2.” A testament to both the towering ego and massive insecurities of its creator, not to mention his utter inability to remain faithful to any woman. (Well, OK, that’s probably just another way to say “homage to ‘8 1/2′.)”

Above all, it’s a meditation on the inevitability of death, and the futility of trying to outrun it. Or, in the case of Fosse’s fictional alter-ego, Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider), the futility of tarting it up in spangles and fishnets, setting it to music, and giving it some high-kickin’ dance steps. (more…)

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1971’s “The Last Picture Show” in an American masterpiece

by Sam Juliano

The musical countdown has reached the exact half-way point with Sunday’s posting of the South Pacific essay. The venture has proven a rousing success to this point, and appreciation must be expressed to those who have supported the project day in and day out with their superlative commentary and glowing support. The comment and hit totals have been mind-blowing. That miracle worker named “Dee Dee” continues to post sidebar updates with click poster you tubes to enhance the show.

Two major horror film ventures are slated for Exodus 8:2 and Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies over the coming weeks leading up to Halloween. Your crypt keepers will be Jaime Grijalba and Kevin Olson, and their frightful business will soon be posted on sidebar posters. As always these guys know their stuff, and we look forward to their upcoming projects.

Yankee and Phillie fans are surely excited at their teams’ prospect after opening round victories in the baseball playoffs. Weather-wise it feels and looks like Halloween, and temperatures in Manhattan dipped into the high 40’s. (more…)

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