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By Jaime Grijalba

While doing my Horror Madness Month during October at my blog I take the following approach: I need to see and review a film daily, a horror film, but what film can it be? I’ll never know. Sometimes I know the name of the film the day before I have to do the review (but I never see the film in advance), but sometimes I have to get, see and review the film in just a few hours before the midnight of the next day comes. It’s crazy, I know. Nothing would’ve told me that I’d end up reviewing a horror anime film of all things I could end up reviewing (this month I even got the chance to see and review the classic Disney animation ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ (1948), not that much horror, but scary for little kids). So for this Saturday Anime, Bob has let me link to my piece on this wonderful OVA (Original Video Animation) from the land of Japan, the 2004 production ‘Le Portrait de Petit Cossette’. Don’t let the title fool you, this is a very Japanese effort, with some of the usual traits of the anime (like the use of the lolita character with fancy dressings (specifically, gothic lolita, of all things), as well as some stock characters, but still manages to confuse and horrorize as well as give you one of the greatest and most impossible love stories of all time: between a living man and a dead girl.

You can check my brief capsule here, thanks!

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