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by Judy Geater

Many great musicals have plots packed with drama and unlikely coincidences. By contrast, on the surface anyway, ‘Meet Me In St Louis’ has almost no plot at all. However, there is far more to this holiday classic, starring Judy Garland in one of her best-loved roles, than meets the eye on first viewing. Producer Arthur Freed, director Vincente Minnelli and the team at MGM agonised over the ingredients just as the Smith household’s cook, Katie (Marjorie Main) worries over her homemade ketchup bubbling on the stove in the film’s opening scene.

Katie is afraid the ketchup may be too sweet. MGM’s powers-that-be saw the same danger in this adaptation of writer Sally Benson’s humorous ‘Kensington’ magazine stories, recalling her girlhood in St Louis at the turn of the 20th century. Various scriptwriters were drafted in and encouraged to add exciting plot twists, such as an unlikely blackmail plot involving a Colonel, to make the mixture a little stronger.

But in the end Freed threw out all this material, discarding the scripts piled on his desk and bringing in Irving Brecher and Fred Finklehoffe to write a simpler story, where the dramas are those stemming from everyday life. This decision proved to be the right one, as the film was one of MGM’s biggest box office successes at the time, while its nostalgic power has since only grown with the years. The greatest pull of the musical is Garland’s performance of its great songs, including ‘The Trolley Song’ and ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’. (more…)

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