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Screen cap from mind-blowing, sublime and haunting 'Melancholia' by Lars Von Trier

by Sam Juliano

The musical countdown ended this week, leaving in its wake a reference archive that stands as practically definitive in the genre.  Many writers did some of their finest work in massive and fecund essays, and for three months swarms of commentators enriched the threads with astonishing analysis and personal experience in astounding prolific runs.  Dee Dee’s work on the sidebar was spectacular and a large group of regular readers were there either every day or close to every day to impart their special breath of insight and taste – people like Judy Geater, Jon Warner, Pat Perry, R. D. Finch, Dennis Polifroni, Frank Gallo, Joel Bocko, Maurizio Roca,  Marilyn Ferdinand, Pierre de Plume, Tony d’Ambra, Jim Clark, Frederick O., Peter M., David Noack, Samuel Wilson, Jamie Uhler, Jaime Grijalba, Laurie Buchanan, Terrill Welch, Murderous Ink, Patricia, Bob Clark, Sachin Gandhi, Stepen Morton, Mark Smith, Stephen Russell-Gebbet, Shubhajit Laheri, David Schleicher, Craig Kennedy, Broadway Bob, Ricky Chinigo, John R., Greg Ferrara and numerous others.  The venture was time-consuming and exhaustive, yet in overwhelming measure it brought out the best in everyone.  The next-to-last essay on The Wizard of Oz brought the largest number of comments (nearly 250 in fact) of the entire countdown, and by far the most contentiousness.  But as always it is admirable how well just about everyone weathered the storm, and in true WitD fashion we have survived to fight the next battle.  A special thanks again to Mr. Finch for bringing the blogger’s association and wonderful young writers like Brandie Ashe, Brian the Classic Film Boy and Kevin Deaney among others into the fold.

Ideas have begun for the planned “comedy countdown,” which will begin sometime in the Spring, with more voters and writers yet aboard.  In the interim some other projects courtesy of Joel Bocko and Maurizio Roca are nearing fruition.  Dennis Polifroni has indicated a Stanley Kubrick series is soon forthcoming as well. (more…)

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