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Zoe Heran in Celine Schiamma's superlative French drama "Tomboy"

by Sam Juliano

Turkey Day is nearly upon us, with the bells on Santa’s sleigh just a stone’s throw away.  As the movie season winds down, weekly releases have multiplied and studios are poised to take full advantage of the holiday prestige season that culminates with the year-end awards.  Football fans (except for followers of the Penn State Nittany Lions) are immersed in their team’s fortunes, as the season reaches the most crucial juncture.  Both the opera and the theatre season are heating up too, while the music venue in Manhattan has reached the most attractive stretch of the coming lineups.

While the fleeting chords and notes of the musical countdown are now but a glorious memory, they will be forever enconsed in the vast Wonders in the Dark archives for an eternity of fruitful reference.  Thoughts of how to proceed with the comedy countdown have taken hold with a number of the likely participants, even while the site will offer up some surprises during the five month interim before the planned April laughter launch.

With Lucille and a few of the kids on board for some of this past week’s ventures I can positively and unequivocably that I experienced what must be considered the greatest artistic week of 2011.  Though the exceedingly high ratings speak for themselves, the week yielded a remarkable blend of top-flight opera, some of cinema’s greatest all-time masterworks, a documentary landmark and a few of the best contemporary films this year.  It is no surprise that such a week unfolded in November, however, and it’s a great way to usher in the prestige season. (more…)

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