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Keira Knighley and Michael Fassbender in David Cronenberg's superb "A Dangerous Method"

by Sam Juliano

America’s turkey population was greatly diminished in the past week, but alas, life goes on, and next it’s the evergreens that will take a hit as the holiday season is officially underway.  Dee Dee’s Thanksgiving greetings represented the site’s spirit for November 24, and hopefully all had a wonderful and relaxing day, most of all our peerless friend.

It appears that the site is seriously considering a John Ford retrospective for early in the new year, and the director’s most distinguished on line adherent, Peter Lenihan, a long time friend of WitD, who is presently on assignment in the Far East, may be aboard for some definitive analysis of the directing titan.  Perhaps in late February, Stanley Kubrick will be getting the spotlight, courtesy of Dennis Polifroni, who has volunteered to chair the project.  Stay tuned on both the Ford and Kubrick projects!

In the meantime it has been business as usual at the site, with Jamie Uhler’s 51st installment of his “Getting Over the Beatles” series yielding what may well be the masterpiece essay, Jim Clark’s fantastic analysis of Bunuel’s Viridiana, Bob Clark’s superb essay on A History of Violence on page and screen, and two more buffo entries in the Fish Obscuro series, include one of the highly-regarded pre-coder The Bowery.  The great “Fixing a Hole” series, posting on Sunday, also offered up some fantastic writing.

The prestige movie season offered up what may well be the most distinguished week of the season, and by and large the results were most impressive.  Two of the films seen (HUGO and A DANGEROUS METHOD) are likely Top 10 finishers, while at least two others are well regarded and can still place with a change of heart) and the silent Monday series at the Film Forum featured the classic BEN-HUR from 1925 with piano accompaniment by Steve Sterner. (more…)

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