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by Jaime Grijalba.

The last wednesday, when everybody was still mourning the loss of Ken Russell, british director of the violent and sacrilegous masterpiece that is ‘The Devils’, a news piece from Japan went unnoticed until the next day, December 1st, that certain niche places that admire the works of the great animators of the japanese kind announced the sad news of the passing of Shingo Araki. Now, that’s how I was informed of it, the news came up on twitter via an anime fan I follow, just because he’s the brother of someone I follow as well, saying that one of the character designers and key animators of the classic anime TV series ‘Saint Seiya’ had died. I was overwhelmed, ‘Saint Seiya’ was one of those TV series that are classic around these parts of the globe, it was a Big Hit in Chile when I was a kid, and I watched it as well, so I couldn’t help but feel sad. Inmediatly I decided to search for him in my usual venues, looking for what other works he had done in the world of anime, and I was given the surprise of my life when he was responsible for the character creation of many of the other cartoons I used to watch at that time, and others that I watched during the sweet years of my childhood, so I was barely resisting the urge to do something about it, specially since he practically made many of my favorite shows as I grew up. I inmediatly spoke to Bob Clark through Gmail Chat (a weird, yet awesome tool has given us the way to communicate even if he doesn’t have a Gmail account) and told him that he died, just ot be received with a hint of ignorance on who he really was. Now, I’m not dissapointed of the ignorance, after all, as time has prooven to me, many of the anime shows tha played when I was a kid, haven’t even been released in USA, or just didn’t have the cult following or success that was expected, so I quietly began to explain how this guy practically drew my heroes.


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