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by Allan Fish

(India 1951 167m) DVD2

Aka. Awara; The Bandit

It’s just the way I look

p  Raj Kapoor  d  Raj Kapoor  w  Khwaja Ahmad Abass  story  Khwaja Ahmad Abass, V.P.Sathe  ph  Radhu Karmaka  ed  G.G.Mayekar  m  Jaikishan Dayabhai Pankal, Shankarsinh Raguwanshi  art  M.R.Achrekar

Nargis (Rita), Raj Kapoor (Raj Raghunath), Prithviraj Kapoor (Judge Raghunath), K.N. Singh (Jagga, the bandit), Shashi Kapoor (young Raj), Leela Chitnis (Leela Raghunath), B.M.Vyas (Dubey, Rita’s father), Leela Mishra, Cuckoo,

Amazing how many people, when asked about Indian cinema, will think it falls into two categories; the serious work of Satyajit Ray and the frivolous excesses of Bollywood.  Technically this selection can be seen as the arguable pinnacle of the latter.  And while for many the later spectaculars of Mehboob Khan, of which the most famous is Mother India, represent the high spot, for equally as many, myself included, it is in the works of Guru Dutt and Raj Kapoor that the genre’s own Himalayas were formed.  Though some might favour the likes of Barsaat, Shree 420, Anari, or various others, Awaara is my own personal favourite of Kapoor’s films. (more…)

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