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George Ballantine's 'The Nutcracker' (Tchaikovsky) performed by New York City Ballet in encore HD simulcast

by Sam Juliano

Santa Claus has really been making his rounds the past week in small towns and in the biggest stores, but he is conserving much of his energy for Sunday, when his reindeer will be descending on cities and communities all around the globe.  Here at Wonders in the Dark jolly old St. Nick sent a personal letter to the entire staff:

To All my buddies at Wonders, my favorite place to hang out:

    You guys are really the best.  Jamie Uhler has made me forget all about the Beatles over the past months, so much so that I have told my elves to discard all the Fab Four’s CDs scheduled for delivery on the Big Day.  Although my friend Bob Clark seems to think the ‘Bearded One’ is a more imposing figured than Yours Truly, I still have a Star Wars blu-ray set heading over to his Westchester, New York home.  My buddy up in Kendal always says ‘Bah humbug’ but my friends at Masters in Cinema have something cooked up for him.  Jim and Valerie Clark are two of the loveliest of people, and my crew in Canada will be taking good care of them.  My friends in Brooklyn will be paying Maurizio Roca a visit too!  A fine young man! I will personally be flying over Santiago, Chile and Sydney, Australia (do you think I’m stupid, it’s summer Down Under!) to take good care of my friends Jaime Grijalba and Tony d’Ambra.  My head elf in the states said he has a going away present for Joel Bocko for his new adventure out West.  Sam and Lucille, I have a season’s movie pass to one of your favorite theatres, effective on December 25th.  I trust you’ll be using it for ‘War Horse’ later that night.  Dennis Polifroni is another up and coming star at this place who will be receiving some wonderful DVDs.  Our dear friend Dee Dee, gets our most sacred blessings for her stupendous humanitarian efforts in behalf of the human race.  There is an eternal star in the sky shining for her.  Loved the musical poll by the way.  My favorite song is (what else?) “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”

     Have a Merry Christmas and the Best Year ever in 2012!


Cool dude, that Santa Claus fellow!  Well, the past week was an active one for Lucille and I, but at this time of the year this is no surprise.  We attended four movies in theatres, while I took my youngest daughter Jillian to see the encore HD simulcast of the NYC ballet’s ‘George Ballantine’s Nutcracker’ on Tuesday night at our local multiplex. (more…)

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