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by Allan Fish

The following people who contributed to film and TV history, however tenuously, passed away in 2011 – list at bottom, most recent first.

Many of the names listed below speak for themselves but there are some who only the most seriously crazy cineaste will know by name but will know the face.  So a special mention for Brigitte Borchert, who made 100, who was the blonde girl taking a day off in People on Sunday.  To Barbara Kent, who was the heroine of Lonesome.  To Claude Laydu, the priest in Bresson’s The Diary of a Country Priest.  To Zhanna Prokhorenko, the haunted heroine of Ballad of a Soldier. To fellow Russian Iya Savvina, the star of The Lady With the Little Dog and Asya’s Happiness.  To John Sweet, the amateur GI who featured in Powell and Pressburger’s A Canterbury Tale.  To Hind Rostom, the lusty lemonade seller in Chahine’s Cairo Station.  To Paulette Dubost, the flirtatious maid in Renoir’s La Règle du Jeu, who also made it to 100.  To Lisbeth Movin, the doomed heroine of Dreyer’s Day of Wrath. (more…)

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