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by Allan Fish

As discussed in a post a few weeks ago, today sees the beginning of a weekly feature to run on Sundays in which I will take a look into what can only be described as a correction to the Oscars, similar to what Danny Peary did in his book ‘Alternate Oscars’.  This week, I’ll simply look at the years 1914-1920 and give the winners as nominees are limited to two or three and interest will be minimal.  Then at the bottom I will list the nominations for each of the five catagories for 1921 (film/short and director will be listed together but you don’t have to pick the director of your best film).  For shorts, so long as it is under 40 minutes, it counts as a short, and includes cartoons/animations and one and two reel comedies.  Comments on the post will decide the result, to be declared in the following week’s post, along with my own personal choices, before listing the nominations for 1922…and so on…

Please note, my year placings for films are final as per first ever showing.  This may come before the traditional premiere.


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