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by Allan Fish

The first in a series of four pieces with a common link that will become apparent. 

(UK 1938 97m) DVD1/2

There has been no English lady here

p  Edward Black  d  Alfred Hitchcock  w  Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder  novel  “The Wheel Spins” by Ethel Lina White  ph  Jack Cox  ed  R.E.Dearing  md  Louis Levy  art  Alex Vetchinsky

Michael Redgrave (Gilbert Redman), Margaret Lockwood (Iris Henderson), May Whitty (Miss Froy), Paul Lukas (Dr Hartz), Basil Radford (Charters), Naunton Wayne (Caldicott), Mary Clare (Baroness), Cecil Parker (Eric Todhunter), Linden Travers (Margaret), Catherine Lacey (Nun), Philip Leaver (Signor Doppo), Emile Boreo, Googie Withers, Charles Oliver,

There’s one of those wonderful movie moments in Carol Reed’s similarly themed spy thriller Night Train to Munich when Naunton Wayne (playing Caldicott, the role he originated in The Lady Vanishes) spots Rex Harrison on the train and recognised him as an old school chum.  It always made me think that, if his memory was so good, surely he must at least have double-taked upon seeing Lockwood (heroine in both films), and gone up to her and asked “excuse me, but weren’t you travelling back from Badrika a couple of years ago when an old bird went missing?”  Joking aside, though Munich is a fun film, Vanishes is definitely superior, a deliciously comic cocktail of thrills, disappearances, spies and Englishmen abroad with what Sturges’ John L.Sullivan once called “a little sex.” (more…)

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