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by Allan Fish

(UK 1941 80m) not on DVD

A blessed…happy event

p  Paul Soskin  d  Anthony Asquith  w  Anatole de Grunwald, Terence Rattigan  play  Esther McCracken  ph  Bernard Knowles  ed  Reginald Beck  m  Nicholas Brodszky  art  Paul Sheriff

Margaret Lockwood (Janet Royd), Derek Farr (Dallas Chaytor), A.E.Matthews (Arthur Royd), Athene Seyler (Aunt Mary), Marjorie Fielding (Mildred Royd), Peggy Ashcroft (Flower Lisle), Roland Culver (Boofy Ponsonby), Margaretta Scott (Marcia), Frank Cellier (Chaytor), Jean Cadell (Aunt Florence), Bernard Miles (policeman), Sydney King (Dennis), Martita Hunt (Mme.Mirelle), David Tomlinson (John Royd), Michael Shepley (Marcia’s husband), Muriel Pavlow (Miranda), Roddy Hughes (Vicar), O.B.Clarence (1st magistrate), Margaret Rutherford (2nd magistrate), Wally Patch (3rd magistrate), Peter Bull (Tenor), Ivor Barnard (Bass), Charles Carson (Mr Johnson), Hay Petrie (railway porter),

It’s a film that I was beginning to think was lost, rather like the later Lockwood and Culver play on film Dear Octopus (if anyone has a copy of that, let someone know).  It turns out it did show on Channel 4 in the 1980s, copies started to circulate and it was a pleasure to have the positive *** Halliwell review more than borne out.  It’s a film that showcases an England that probably never was, of Monty Python’s Salad Days sans Sam Peckinpah, of characters threatening to respond to requests with “right-o” and teenage girls setting the benchmark for Sally Ann Howes with how many times they could use the word ‘thrilling’ in a sentence and mixing up suave with svelte.  (more…)

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