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Last week I offered up my choices for the best late releases of 2011– this week, the best films that were actually released for the first time during the full scope of last year. Or at least, the films I’d pick as my favorite releases, because that’s all any “best of” list can ever really be called, if we’re to be honest with ourselves. Forget about the choices people make to project the right image for publications or to stay in with certain crowds of popularity– on a certain level you have to just plain like a movie enough to endorse it at the end of any given 12 month cycle. Even if you just wind up regurgitating the same old countdown of autumnal art-house and award-bait releases that every major published critic tends to drum up somewhere in the span between December and January, suffering from all the same long-term memory problems that tend to hit commentators when the time comes to remember films other than the ones you’ve gotten screeners for in the past couple of weeks for your proverbial consideration, it all comes down to the question of actual enjoyment. If a film was fun enough (and we all have our own kinds of fun) for you to recommend it to a whole host of readers, up it goes, or ought to. So that’s what this is, in all honesty, and if you take a careful look at the image up above then you probably know what you’re getting yourself into before you even gander at the rest of this piece (if you hadn’t already figured it out before). There won’t be any surprises here, folks.


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