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Sara Paxton and Bill Healy in Ti West's eerie horror film "The Innkeepers"

by Sam Juliano

As Lucille and I make preparations to watch the Super Bowl at the Montvale, New Jersey of our good friends Tony and Sara Lucibello, we are hoping the magic strikes for the Giants for the second time in four years.  Our westward-bound amigo Joel Bocko of course is clamoring for a much different result, envisioning a revenge scenario for big bad Bill Belichick and the Tom Brady fueled New England Patriots.  It’s the old story of an offensive juggernaut against a tenacious defense, and the end result could well be decided by an errant pass or a late-game fumble.  I’ll return to this thread late tonight before publishing with the final fateful report.  Flash!!!!  Giants Win!!!  Giants Win!!!  Giants Win!!!!  Giants Beat Patriots 21 to 17 to win their fourth Super Bowl and second against the Pats in four years!!  What’s that “revenge” some here were talking about?  Ha!

Weather in the NYC area has been unseasonably mild, allowing for apparel options that have left most far more comfortable than would even have been imagined for February.  The Noir City Festival in San Francisco has concluded and we are looking forward to a final report from Dee Dee on the festivities.  Here at Wonders we are gleefully anticipating the next installment in Peter Lenihan’s John Ford series on Wednesday.  Allan’s year-by-year survey of the cinema, posting every Sunday, continues to attract numerous participants, and Jim Clark, Jamie Uhler and Bob Clark continued this past week with stellar entries in their ongoing series.

As the William Wellmann Festival is ready to kick off this coming Friday at the Film Forum, the 2012 film year has launched with a series of horror films that offer mixed results.  Lucille and I (and the two oldest boys) had a busy week at the silent festival’s next-to-last screening, and in seeing a 60’s cult item with Anthony Perkins, and the aforementioned slew of new releases.  We saw:

The Kiss (1928)  **** 1/2    (Monday night)   Film Forum

Pretty Poison (1968)  **** 1/2   (Friday night)    Film Forum

The Innkeepers   ****         (Saturday night)   Village East Cinemas

Kill List    ** 1/2                   (Friday night)          IFC Film Center

The Woman in Black  ***   (Saturday afternoon)   Edgewater multiplex

Chronicle    ** 1/2         (Saturday afternoon) (more…)

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