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Screen capture from William Wellman masterwork 'Wild Boys of the Road' seen on Friday at Film Forum

by Sam Juliano

Mild weather continues to grace metropolitan area denizens as the specter of March is now within hailing distance.  The Oscar broadcast is six days away and “Presidents’ Week” has yielded a full week off for schools and some private agencies.  The movie scene has yielded few films worth seeing, but various classic festivals have picked up some of the slack.

Here at Wonders in the Dark business proceeds as usual with Allan’s weekend voting survey of the cinema, Jim Clark’s superlative comparative essays, Jamie Uhler’s exceptional (and winding down) “Getting Over the Beatles” project and Bob Clark’s polished forays into animation making their scheduled appearances.  Peter Lenihan will return this coming Wednesday for his latest fabulous ‘Finding John Ford’ installment and an Academy Awards interview with Dennis and Yours Truly filmed by Jason Giampietro will be posting on Tuesday morning.

The past seven days have been largely devoted to the William Wellman Festival now entering it’s second week at Manhattan’s Film Forum.  With only a single new release negotiated on Sunday (ironically also at the Film Forum) the week was all back-and-forth to take in 13 Wellmans in a series of double features that included a single instance of error when an early Wellman Woman Trap was accidentally replaced by a forgettable 1936 film with the same title.  Obviously this reduced by one the total Wellman films available to patrons during the three week event. (more…)

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by Allan Fish

As always, straight to it.

Best Picture The General, US (10 votes)

Best Director Buster Keaton & Clyde Bruckman, The General (9 votes)

Best Short Menilmontant, Dimitri Kirsanoff, France (5 votes)

Best Actor Buster Keaton, The General (12 votes)

Best Actress Vera Baranovskaya, Mother (5 votes)


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