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by Allan Fish

(Korea 1949 76m) DVD0 (South Korea only)

Aka. Ma-eum-ui gohyang

It’s just karma

p  Kang Shin-won, Lee Gang-su  d  Yun Yong-gyu  w  Gwak Il-byeong  ph  Han Hyung-mo  ed  Yun Yong-gyu  m  Park Hye-il

Choi Eun-hee (widow), Yu Min (Do-Seong), Byun Ki-jong (chief monk), Oh Heon-yong (temple worker), Kim Seong-yong (mother), Nam Seung-min (temple cook), Seok Gyum-seong (widow’s mother), Choi Un-bong (Hwang Seon-dal),

It happens to all film lovers, that moment where, from literally out of nowhere, you are reminded just how little you actually know.  Just take a moment to think on just how many masterworks from various countries that are still unheard of in the west.  One hardly needs to travel far, for what do we really know about the Buñuel-less Spanish film of the 1930s, 40s and 50s, Juan-Antonio Bardem and a couple of individual films aside?  Or Czech, Hungarian or Polish films of the 1930s to 50s, aside from the odd one?    What of Greek cinema before Cacoyannis, Costa-Gavras and Angelopoulos, Romanian cinema before the 1960s, Bulgarian cinema arguably in any era.  Of the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Austria and Switzerland, aside from the odd cherished export.  Or Yugoslavia before Petrovic and Makavejev?  Australia and New Zealand pre-1970, the majority of Africa outside of Chahine, Mambety and Sembene, non-Bollywood India aside from Ray and Ghatak, Argentina aside from Torre-Nilsson and Solanas, Brazil before Cinema Nuovo; one could go on forever.  (more…)

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