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by Jaime Grijalba.

(Singapore/USA, 69 min)

What is this? This is my effort to widen my viewing of current films, which still it’s quite large, but I’m mad enough to watch any asian film that I can get during the calendar year of 2012. Of course film is a wide thing for me, but I won’t be including every series that I get across, but maybe some. This of course also counts for TV movies, OVAs, some miniseries, shorts and feature films. Every one will have its original name, the year and the director, as well as my rating out of five stars. Let’s start this crazy project. I’m posting on this day as Sam told me that James Uhler didn’t have time for his usually excellent entry on his ‘Getting People Over the Beatles’, so I decided to post here, and I shall continue doing so, looking for spaces like a rat looking for air under a sewer.

Many boys and girls (mostly boys) know about Ben Tennyson, it is today’s hero and a total badass in every way possible for them. Ben is the protagonist of Cartoon Network’s anchor show ‘Ben 10’ as well as other related shows and spin-offs, that are about a kid that finds himself with a huge power to save the world or a town or a city or himself from great danger, either extraterrestial or earthling kind. The power is in his own hand(s) in the form of some kind of clock that lets him transform into a different species of alien that he collects as he advances in his adventures. Of course, this already has a limited and knowable amount of species, each one with its own powers, so the viewers and fans just expect their favorite alien to appear with the dissorted voice of Ben and just cheer him as he goes on his adventures. Now, this particular thing I’m reviewing here is a TV movie special based on the original ‘Ben 10’ series, completely non-canon (it has no consecuence or any implication on the story of the series or what follows after it), and this one is the first films of the Cartoon Network Studios Asia in a coproduction with Tiny Island production house, based on Singapore, the reason for this film to be talked about in this ocassion… but maybe not the only one.


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