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Screen capture from extraordinary "The Kid with a Bike" by Belgium's Dardanne brothers.

by Sam Juliano

Balmy weather that has had temperatures rising above 70 degrees in the northeast has basically sounded the death knell for Winter 2011-12, though there are some skeptics who warn not to count your chickens just yet.  Baseball season is around the corner, and some have even started plotting their summer vacations.  And with Easter break just weeks away still others are gearing up for a well-earned respite and short trips.  On the downside those with allergies are looking at what some experts are predicting will be the worst readings on record.

Sunday of course was St. Patrick’s Day and the sidebar greetings were posted by our dearest friend, Dee Dee, who typically keeps an eye out for the calendar.  Hope our Irish friends enjoyed a very special day.

The site’s regular contributors continued to post some stellar work over the psts seven days.  This includes our Chilean university student wunderkind Jaimie Grijalba, who offered up two superlative animation reviews, Jim Clark with a magisterial essay on Von Trier’s Breaking the Waves, Allan’s rare finds, and the continuing year-by-year survey of the cinema from the silent era to the present.  Here in NYC the Tribeca Film Festival committee have announced the schedule, and generally speaking some quality films are beginning to release on the art house circuit. (more…)

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