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by Allan Fish

(Sweden 1950 90m) DVD2 (Sweden only, no Eng subs)

Aka. Flicka och Hyacinter

Little Miss Lonely

p  Hasse Ekman  d/w  Hasse Ekman  ph  Goran Strindberg  ed  Lennart Wallen  m  Erland von Koch  art  Bibi Lindstrom

Eva Henning (Dagmar Brink), Ulf Palme (Anders Wikner), Birgit Tengroth (Britt Wikner), Anders Ek (Elias Körner), Marianne Löfgren (Gullan Wiklund), Keve Hjelm (Capt.Brink), Gösta Cederlund (banker), Karl-Anne Holmsten (Willy Borge), Anne-Marie Brunius (Alex), Björn Berglund (Insp.Lovgren), Alf Ostlund (Viktor Berger),

A woman is seen dancing with her partner.  They’re talking but we’re at ground level.  We notice an anklet round her foot.  The camera seems to pay attention to it, but it’s a red herring to make sure we’re paying attention.  Another man and woman are heard talking, we even get a bit of English.  Then we see our first face, a young blonde woman sat down.  We next see a couple on the stairs outside talking.  The blonde girl hares past them.  “She was in a hurry”, one says.  “She seemed strange, no?” the other replies.  Moving on, the blonde is now on bridge over a railway line.  An old man comes up to her; “let it go.  What you were thinking about, he’s not worth it.”  She can only reply “there is no ‘he’.”  “There always is”, he knowingly replies.  The blonde finally makes it home to her apartment, settles into an armchair, puffs on a cigarette, and her eyes are fixed on the ceiling.  In particular on a hook designed to hold old-fashioned candle chandeliers.   (more…)

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