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Allan’s ‘Fish Obscuro’ post on The Peach Thief  was the 2,000th at Wonders in the Dark since the site’s inception in late September of 2008.  The total snuck up on us this week, with little attention being paid as we neared this monumental mark.

Congrats to Jamie Uhler, Allan, Dee Dee, Maurizio Roca, Bob Clark, Tony d’Ambra, Jim Clark, Joel Bocko, Jamie Grijalba, Dennis, and all the others who have helped make this place so vibrant and in achieving this milestone, including the guest writers who have contibuted towards a number of the projects: Stephen-Russell-Gebbett, Peter Lenihan, Troy Olson, Kevin Olson, Robert Taylor, John Greco, R.D. Finch, Judy Geater, Pat Perry, Marilyn Ferdinand, Jon Warner, Pierre de Plume, Brandie Ashe, Marc Bauer, Marco Tremble, Phillip Johnson, Kaleem Hasan, Rachel Buccione, Jennider Boulden and more.

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by Allan Fish

(Bulgaria 1964 84m) not on DVD

Aka. Kradetzat na praskovi

What about Bulgaria?

p  Atanas Papadopolus  d/w  Vulo Radev  story  Emilian Stanev  ph  Todor Stoyanov  ed  Ana Manolova-Pipeva  m  Simeon Pironkov  art  Nedelco Nanev

Neneva Kokanova (Lisa), Rade Markovic (Ivo Obrenovitch), Milhail Mikhailjov (the colonel), Vasil Vachev (orderly), Naum Shopov (Dyo Grevil), Ivan Bratanov (Grandev), Georgi Georgiev (Varonov), Ivan Menov (Lefterov), Theodor Youroukov (Porouchik), Lyudmila Cheshmedzhieva (Vdovitzata), Radi Vulov (Radi),

What of Bulgaria?” I had been asked by a film buff friend by email.  One look through the full list of entries here will showcase plenty of works from Poland, from the old Czechoslovakia, from Hungary, the former Yugoslavia, even a few from darkest Romania; but Bulgaria, just this.  “Well, what of Albania?” I had replied.  “Be serious”, I was told.  So I had to have a defence; what of Bulgaria?  When I was a seven year old I found it odd that there was a country named after a Womble.  I could hardly say that. 

            I had first seen a Bulgarian film back in the early 1990s, back in those misty days when British network TV (well, BBC2 and Channel 4) cared about international cinema.  It was a bleak tale called Ivan and Alexandra made I think in the late eighties and concerned two siblings.  I remember only portions of it now, and it was over a decade before I saw more Bulgarian films.  If I had to choose from the mere handful – and I mean literally, the fingers of one hand – of Bulgarian films I had seen, I’d say that I agree with conventional histories and that the choice comes down to two films.  The first, Metodi Andonov’s The Goat Horn, from 1972, was a tale of rape and vengeance in times past, with essences of Bergman, Jancsó and Vlacil, but lacking the narrative power of their best work and relying on the starkness of the visuals.  An excellent film overall, but Valu Radev’s The Peach Thief is surely its superior.  (more…)

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