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By Bob Clark

In the annals of fabled failed film projects, few offer as tantalizing a glimpse into the imagined graces of what might’ve been than that of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune, a movie whose hypothetical qualities have been gossiped and salivated over by fans of the director’s uniquely surreal and mystical qualities ever since his name was first attached to the project back in the 70’s, and long since after he was unceremoniously subtracted from it. Though a film would eventually come to fruition under the aegis of Dino de Laurientis and David Lynch, and another version besides produced for the Sci-Fi Channel whose proudest boasts would appear to be snagging William Hurt for the role of Duke Leto Atreides and hiring Vittorio Storaro as DP under a no-name director, for ages the Jodorowsky production has been vaunted by cinephiles and genre fans alike, all of them aching for a more striking and ambitious adaptation of the classic novel. In one sense, however, those same fans of film and Frank Herbert’s literature alike probably ought to be grateful that the idiosynchratic director’s vision of Dune never even came close to reaching the screen, for no other reason than if it did, it likely wouldn’t have borne much resemblance at all to the story of Dune as we know it, in the first place. For proof positive of what we might’ve gotten instead, one need only take a look at the graphic novel written by Jodorowsky himself and illustrated by the comics-maestro Moebius– The Incal.


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