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by Allan Fish

(Poland 1972 119m) DVD1

Aka. Diabel

For the clearing…

Andrzej Zulawski  d/w  Andrzej Zulawski  ph  Andrzej Jaroszewicz, Maciej Kijowski  ed  Krzysztof Oziecki  m  Andrzej Korzynski  art  Jan Grandys

Leszek Teleszynski (Jakub), Michal Grudzinski (Ezechiel), Wojciech Pszoniak (The Devil), Monika Niemczyk (a nun), Malgorzata Braunek (Jakub’s former fiancée), Iga Mayr (Jakub’s mother), Wiktor Sadecki (Herz), Anna Parzonka (Jakub’s sister), Maciej Englert (Count),

Imagine that you find yourself awoken from a dream, not knowing from whence you came or how you came to be where you are.  Alright, an easy feeling to replicate for anyone who’s indulged in a little too much alcohol, but add to that the even greater sense of displacement of not only being in a place you don’t feel you belong but a time.  Now awoke you find the whole world has changed so much your old world has literally burnt itself to cinders and you are left to wander aimlessly, as if in a trance, through an apocalyptic landscape of the mind and body.

In 1793 during the Polish wars with Prussia Jakub is in prison for plotting an assassination attempt against the puppet king of the Russian empire.  His prison is a fortress cum convent and invaders ransack, rape and pillage the holy sanctuary, during which a stranger takes great pains to free Jakub and takes along with him an orphan nun.  He sends Jakub on his way, seeing him intermittently afterwards, as Jakub firstly returns to his family seat to find his father dead and unburied for a fortnight, his sister sent mad and his brother seeking to have sexual relations with her.  In transpires that his late father became deranged in his last days and thought his daughter was his errant wife, forcing himself sexually on her.  As if this were not enough, he finds out that his long-absent mother has become a prostitute living not too far away.  (more…)

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