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Win This

by the Wonders staff
We here at Wonders in the Dark would like to unveil a new contest feature that will find the winner being given an original Wonders in the Dark boutique dvd release. Inspired by the wave of independent film restoration houses like Britain’s Masters of Cinema and America’s Criterion Collection, we will be holding a contest every 6 months (give or take obviously) where the winner is mailed a region free coded playable dvd* of a film that we’ve selected for inclusion due to what we feel is impressive artistic merit or originality and that the film in question doesn’t currently have official dvd release status. (more…)

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by Allan Fish

(USA 1940 18m) DVD1/2

This has gotta end some place

p  Jules White  Del Lord  w  Elwood Ullman

Moe Howard (Moe), Larry Fine (Larry), Curly Howard (Curly), Dudley Dickerson (cook),

Imagine a real nightmare scenario, where in a dream you imagine there’s a leak coming through the roof.  You finger your way through the Yellow Pages for local plumbers but those listed are all great comedy teams.  You see Keaton and Hardwicke Ltd. listed, scratch your head and then remember Forever and a Day.  You see Marx Bros. Ltd., but shake your head in disbelief; plumbing didn’t seem their kind of racket.  Abbott and Costello?  Costello would be doing all the work, Abbott would be barking orders, nothing would get done.  Laurel and Hardy?  If you’ve seen Busy Bodies and the chaos they caused in a saw mill, that’s a no-no.  Hay, Moffatt and Marriott?  You wonder if they even had water pipes when Harbottle was born and you wouldn’t let Hay run a bath, let alone fix one.  Wheeler and Woolsey?  Nope, can’t see them in overalls, where would Woolsey hold his cigar?  The Crazy Gang?  Six of them?  God, no, six times the mess.  And in this dream state, where logic enters out of the window, you give up going through them one by one and just pick one by blindly pointing like you’re finding a horse for the Grand National.  An hour later – okay, minutes later, we’re in a dream after all – three fellas stand at your door.  You tell them there’s a leak in the basement (cellar if you’re British).  “Where’s the basement?” one asks.  “Upstairs”, says another.  “Up to the basement” says the third, charging like Teddy Brewster up the stairs.  You just know this cannot end well.  (more…)

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