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by Allan Fish

And again, straight to it…

Best Picture The Bride of Frankenstein, US (7 votes)

Best Director James Whale, The Bride of Frankenstein (7 votes)

Best Short The Band Concert, US, Wilfrid Jackson (3 votes)

Best Actor Robert Donat, The 39 Steps & Charles Laughton, Ruggles of Red Gap (3 votes each)**

Best Actress Katharine Hepburn, Alice Adams & Ginger Rogers, Top Hat (3 votes each, TIE)

Best Supp Actor Ernest Thesiger, The Bride of Frankenstein (9 votes)

Best Supp Actress Blanche Yurka, A Tale of Two Cities (7 votes)

Best Score Max Steiner, The Informer (4 votes)

** PLEASE can I ask people to NOT just stick surnames as votes.  Both Laughton and Donat had TWO films up for consideration that year and not choosing means BOTH have to be counted as votes. 

and my choices…


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