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Not a full post as I was intending as I have been too ill for the last couple of days, but a quick alert to the 100th birthday of Japanese director Kaneto Shindo on Sunday.  While he may not quite figure in the absolute front rank of Japanese postwar directors, the likes of Children of Hiroshima, Naked Island, Onibaba, Kuroneko and Edo Porn – often featuring his last wife, Nobuko Otowa – remain essential viewing for cineastes while his Eulogy from 1972 remains one of the unseen masterworks, seemingly under lock and key and unseen by anyone.

What’s less known is his contribution as a screenwriter to other directors, not least Yasuzo Masumura, whose Manji and Irezumi, to name two, were founded on his incisive scripts.  He also wrote the multi-layered adaptation for Kozaburo Yoshimura’s masterpiece The Ball at the Anjo House and his later A Tale of Genji, as well as for Fukusaku’s Under the Flag of the Rising Sun.

We trust he had a great day and thank him for his contribution to our enjoyment over the past sixty years or so.


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by Allan Fish

(Philippines 2011 360m) not on DVD

Aka. Siglo ng pagluluawl

Love in the house

p  Lav Diaz, Ricky Gallardo  d/w  Lav Diaz  ph  Lav Diaz  ed  Lav Diaz  m  Lav Diaz  art  Perry Dizon, Dante Perez, Hazel Orencio

Angel Aquino (Sister Angela), Perry Dizon (Homer), Roeder Camanag (photographer), Joel Torre (Father Tiburcio), Betty Uy-Regala (poet), Bart Guingona (criminal), Soliman Cruz (philosopher), Hazel Orencio (virgin), Angeli Bayani (Anna), Modesta, Dante Perez,

It had been three years since Melancholia turned audiences’ heads inside out.  In the time between that film’s unveiling Lars Von Trier had loosed his own Melancholia on the world, but not even the forbidding blue planet and sense of Wagnerian doom of that film erased memories of Diaz’s earlier like-titled piece.  The prospect of Century of Birthing was something to be impatient for, while knowing it would be no stroll in the park.

Dizon plays Homer, a filmmaker who is having problems finishing his latest opus, Women of the Wind.  While he plays, edits and mixes footage on his laptop, we get to see portions of the story, dealing with a nun who has recently given up her vows to get to know about being a woman and picks up a criminal in order to have sex with him.  This tale is then woven within another story, about a religious cult lead by the stern Father Tiburcio, who gathers virgins and one male follower around him to prepare them for being the only ones fit to enter heaven.  Meanwhile a young photographer gets himself an interview with the male member of the group and tries to infiltrate the community.  (more…)

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