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by Allan Fish

It was in a casino, somewhere on the East Coast, if memory serves.  Kathy Moffat is round the roulette table and has just squandered a fairly large amount in one spin of the wheel.  Her lover Jeff Bailey observes dryly “that’s not the way to win.”  She looks back at him quizically; “is there a way to win?”  “There’s a way to lose more slowly” he replies.

In Hollywood’s roulette game, there were stars who you knew were there for the long haul; Stanwyck, Crawford, Davis, even Hepburn, in between being declared box office poison at her actual peak.  Others just came to the table, put everything on either black or red and kept doing so until they lost.  Then they’d pick up their bag, make for the exit and never be seen again.  Some never really gave a proverbial fig.  Others were pre-destined it seemed to roar through the sky like a comet and ne’er be seen again.  (more…)

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