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by Joshua Rutstein

Sometimes less is more. More often than not, filmmakers feel obliged to attempt to cram their works with schlock to the point of tragic overflow, and we as an audience are left to wonder at what could have been.

Stanley Kubrick’s second film is a beautiful example of the simplicity of well-applied noir styles. Neither over-dramatic nor tedious, Killer’s Kiss delivers the story of a starry-eyed country kid who falls in love with a dance hall girl, whose beauty is a fragile and sad kind of thing. This sixty-seven minute piece flaunts the young Kubrick’s promising direction style and the era’s emphasis on the interplay of light and shadow, and practically begs you to take an hour out of your day to appreciate something different. (more…)

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Lola Creton and Sebastian Urzendowsky in exceptional and candid film of romance and loss, “Goodbye First Love”

by Sam Juliano

All good things must come to an end?  Well, I’m not so sure this adage can be taken with much more than a grain of salt, but it does seem applicable for a long-standing practice here at Wonders in the Dark that, after nearly  three years has run it’s course.  While other site regulars have continued to hammer away in e mails  at the practice of providing weekly links under the Monday Morning Diary proper because of the prohibitive time it takes to negotiate it, I have held steadfast to the practice, essentially because I am a sentimentalist who is loathe to part with tradition.  But after almost three years of burning hours each and every Sunday (true as of late I have sputtered) I no longer can see the mitigating value of putting everything aside, including spending time with the family and watching stuff at home and in the theatres to accomplish this task.  The maintenance of the diary has also taken it’s toll on my weekly Sunday night visits to see my 82 year-old father with the family, and has severely compromised my lifestyle.  The returns from this on-going project do not seem to justify the investment, as rarely are links below the first four ever even clicked on, as per site statistics.  True, the first and second links attract excellent traffic for the most part, but this doesn’t justify an extended blog scroll of 50 or more links.  The site continues to attract impressive numbers by way of page views, followers and comments, but the majority of the link scroll remains unexplored, a fact that is unacceptable when the hours of work involved is figured in.  I maintained it for as long as I logistically could but now it is time to move on. (more…)

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