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by Sam Juliano

Air conditioners are now in regular use as Northern Hemisphere inhabitants are officially planning for the fast-approach summer.  Heck, even I just submitted my ‘summer 2012’ intent form for the program I have worked in for the past 18 years consecutively.  It was during some computer time back in the summer of 2005 that I first met Allan during an e bay transaction and subsequent e mail conversations from the Lincoln School annex, so the practice has widened the personal and social horizons, to say the least.  It seems our own vacation plans will again be focused on the beachfront resort, Wildwood, in Cape May County, New Jersey, a place of many fond memories that we have visited endless times over the years.  It’s a place of multiple boardwalks, roller coasters, ferris wheels, beach sand, and a quaint colonial town of older well-kept structures dating back to the colonial era.  It’s also a place that boasts the famed ‘Lobster House’ and it’s succulent New England clam chowder.  But August is a long time away, and before then us devout bloggers are thinking of R.D. Finch’s William Wyler blogothon in late June, and the launching of the long-awaited  ‘Comedy Countdown’ on July 1st.  For the latter venture, it has been decided that each voter will be submitting their own Top 50 comedies, which can be any combination of features and/or shorts by July 1st.  A final countdown list of 60 films will be tabulated and revealed to those who have cast ballots, and assignments will be divided among the voters who also want to write, and a few others who only want to write.

Marilyn Ferdinand, Roderick Heath, the Self-Styled Siren and Greg Ferrara have just completed yet another hugely-successful and popular Film Preservation blogothon, and a salute in in order to them all for their peerless commitment and tireless energy towards this most worthy cause.  Throughout the blogosphere, many took up the call to arms, and some top-drawer prose was highlighted.  Ed Howard of Only the Cinema was on a rampage the last two weeks offering up one early Hitchcock review after the other in an incredible run.  But the effort came in from all quarters, and as I say it was quite a venture.  I also want to thank Marilyn and Rod for their exceedingly kind words in appraisal of the posts that appeared at WitD from Allan and myself.  I also want to yet again acknowledge Dee Dee, who kept the sidebar active and updated in enthusiastic support of the blogothon.

Peter Lenihan has contributed his final entry in his superlative “Finding Ford” series, his tenth to be exact, and everyone at Wonders is that much richer for the postings.  Peter is swamped with work at the present time, and what with his taking up residence overseas, it is never a certainty when he can even get on-line as he’s admitted.  What Peter has done has expanded the Ford literature, and his writings will be cherished.  Peter has indicated there is a possibility he may return down the line, but though that would be fantastic, what he has done over the past months is deeply appreciated.  Thank you my friend! (more…)

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