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by Jaime Grijalba.

Well, here we are again. I’ve seen a lot of asian films from 2012, and I guess you are eager to know what I think of them. Well, you’re going to find out, but first I must say something about the exercise I got myself into when I said I was going to review every asian film that I got into my hands during the year 2012 and that was released the same year. Now I already got myself in an internal discussion into films from which countries will I see, and I already have deleted two countries that many consider asian, but I don’t think they will help into my view of what I try to accomplish here: India and Phillippines. I’ve also delayed the watching of some movies because the subtitles aren’t entirely correct or are just completely faulty. I’ve already passed early on with reviewing asian television, since at the rate they are having it’s impossible to review all of it, specially when at the same time I’m watching film classics, chilean films and having my education, so hell, I also have a girlfriend, I want my life! Anyway, now I have made a serious amendment to what I’ll consider the reviews here. There are some movies that inspire me, others… not so much, it’s not that they’re not good, but they just don’t make much for a full lenght review as the earlier I’ve featured here are. This is a decission I’ve made after fiddling for weeks with a review for the first film you’ll see here, so that’s that, I’m giving you capsule reviews of four asian films that don’t inspire me as much as the other films that will be featured during the next weeks. All the capsules have a paragraph or two of review and then a rating for your discussion. Enjoy!


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