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95. Cracker 1993-1996

by Allan Fish

(UK 1993-1996 1,350m) DVD1/2


p  Paul Abbott, Hilary Bevan Jones  d  Tim Fywell, Simon Cellan Jones, Michael Winterbottom, Julian Jarrold, Jean Stewart, Charles MacDougall, Richard Standeven, Roy Battersby  w  Jimmy McGovern, Paul Abbott, Ted Whitehead  created by  Jimmy McGovern

Robbie Coltrane (Dr Eddie ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald), Geraldine Somerville (DS Jane Penhaligon), Christopher Eccleston (DCI David Bilborough), Ricky Tomlinson (DCI Wise), Lorcan Cranitch (DS Jimmy Beck), Barbara Flynn (Judith Fitzgerald), Kieran O’Brien (Mark Fitzgerald), Tess Thomson (Katie Fitzgerald), Edward Peel, Clive Russell, Paul Copley, Adrian Dunbar, Kika Markham, Beryl Reid, Andrew Tiernan, Susan Lynch, Christopher Fulford, Jim Carter, Samantha Morton, James Fleet, Robert Carlyle, John Simm, Liam Cunningham, Benedict Wong, Beth Goddard, Tim Healy, Don Henderson, Nicholas Woodeson, Brid Brennan, Ruth Sheen, David Calder, Emma Cunniffe, Emily Joyce,

When reviewing Cracker over a decade on, the first thoughts that race through one’s mind are whether it will stand up after the intervening years.  The one off 2006 reprisal didn’t help, while it’s been done to death ever since in everything from Waking the Dead to Silent Witness, none of them are fit to lick the ash off the end of Fitz’s ever-present cigarette.  To this add the fact that other cult milestones of nineties TV don’t stand up as well as once they did – This Life, for example – and that McGovern’s recent output has been pitiful in comparison would lead to trepidation.  (more…)

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