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Once Upon a Time in the West

Charles Bronson and Henry Fonda in Sergio Leone masterpiece “Once Upon A Time in the West”

The Big Gundown at Film Forum

Lee Van Cleef in Sergio Sollima’s ‘The Big Gundown”

by Sam Juliano

The June heat and humidity have descended upon the environs of many northern hemisphere locations, but few are offering protestations, as vacation time fast approaches.  Those of us in the teaching profession are putting a lid on the 2011-12 school year and at least some are now gearing up for the six week summer program that concludes on or around August 1st.  Baseball fans are enjoying the height of the season, as the All-Star game draws closer.

Richard R.D. Finch’s William Wyler blogothon” is a scant one-week away, and what with the high levels of enthusiasm and large number of participants, it is gleefully anticipated the project will be a resounding success.  The blogothon will be officially launching on Sunday,  June 24, and a full itinerary in in place at The Movie Projector.  We hope to see many contributing their two cents at the respective homes of those posting reviews.  R.D.’s own excitement is palpable, and if anyone out there deserves a big success, it’s this passionate, ever-supportive and talented blogger.

Dee Dee has launched her own worthy project with her friends Lori Moore and Barbara LaMotta, one that is aimed at fostering overdue attention on the iconic actor John Garfield through hoped-for releases of his work on blu-ray.  Sidebar links will escort readers to the vital posts and the petition that is presently gaining signatures by the hour.

My own week on the cultural front has been almost exclusively spent in the Film Forum, taking in what has surprisingly turned into quite a marvelous festival.  The survey of the most celebrated spaghetti westerns ha showcased some of the most impressive works in the genre, and with directors like Sergio Leone, Sergio Corbucci and Sergio Sollima being featured, it’s been quite the entertaining and artful treat for film fans.  I only wish my friend Samuel Wilson could be here with us, as he’s the definitive spaghetti western fan of the group! (more…)

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