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by Jaime Grijalba.

Anyone who is at least aware where his head stands above your shoulders should know who Ai Weiwei is, and if you don’t well, shame on you. Ai is, first of all, an artist, acomplished and famous around the globe for his take on post-modern art, his work in the United States in his formation years and as one of the most important figures coming from the asian art in the last decades. He is famous for his work with art and museum installations, as well as the curation of other expositions and projects, being interested in the areas of photography, architecture and more than ever, film. And as an artist, he’s a concious man, and as a man living in China, he’s a very complicated guy, and as an artist living in China, he can’t be other thing than an activist, a social and political critic of the current communist party of China that is trying too hard to cover up and stop talking about the most important matters of these days in a world that we see as approaching a social-responsive peak: democracy and human rights. The corrupt, menacing, dictatorial, murderous and simply evil government of China is actively trying to silence this artist, either whenever he is in his home country or whenever he’s out, trying to deligitimize his image to the international community, and even these days we can follow his tweets and cries for help even beyond the thick wall of the censorship in China when he’s being accused of some economical crime (like tax evasion, obviously smoke and mirrors) and he can’t even go to the court to make his discharge, and he may even go to jail without the possibility of defending himself. What kind of country is that? The one that Ai Weiwei tries to portray in the two films he has released in this year in secret, hiding from the chinese authorities and filming and accusing some of the attitudes and downright criminal face of the government of China.


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