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by Allan Fish

(UK 1953-1959 549m) DVD2

Do not proceed beyond this point

p  Rudolph Cartier  d  Rudolph Cartier  w  Nigel Kneale

Reginald Tate (Prof.Quatermass), John Robinson (Prof.Quatermass), André Morell (Prof.Quatermass), Isabel Dean (Judith Carroon), Duncan Lamont (Victor Carroon), Monica Grey (Paula Quatermass), Hugh Griffith (Dr Leo Pugh), John Stone (Capt.John Dillon), Rupert Davies (Vincent Broadhead), Christine Finn (Barbara Judd), Cec Linder (Dr Matthew Roney), Richard Shaw (Sladden), Anthony Bushell (Col.Breen), Paul Whitson Jones (James Fullalove), Brian Worth (James Fullalove), John Stratton (Capt.Potter), Hugh Kelly (John Paterson), John Glen (Dr Gordon Briscoe), Frank Hawkins (DS Best), Ian Colin (Chief Insp.Lomax), Herbert Lomas, Wilfrid Brambell,

Watching Quatermass over half a century on is rather like a televisual excavation.  That is to say, just bear in mind when it was first seen; 1953, coronation year.  We had sci-fi on the large screen of course – The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Thing from Another World – but we were still six years off the launch of The Twilight Zone, while The Outer Limits, Doctor Who and Star Trek were still over a decade away.  When first shown,Britain effectively shut down for half an hour a week.  The original broadcasts in 1953 were live, too, as if their existence wasn’t enough, but it certainly added to the urgency in the performances. (more…)

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