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Screen cap from Jay Giampietro’s short film ‘Candy Rides’ screened on Friday at Anthology Film Archives as part of ‘Bicycle Festival’

by Sam Juliano

Congratulations are in order to the tireless and ever-enthusiastic Richard “R.D.” Finch for his amazing navigation of the William Wyler blogathon at The Movie Projector.  It was one of the truly great online movie adventures, one that Finch himself invested unparalleled support for his fellow bloggers and some stupendous insights on Wyler’s work, based on decades of viewings and re-viewings.  I have never seen a blogothon where the proctor spent this kind of time under each and every post (heck there were over 30) lending his incomparable insights and support.  To say the venture was a big hit would be quite the understatement.

The big event on the cultural scene this past week was the screening of my longtime pal Jason ‘Jay’ Giampietro’s short film Candy Rides at the Anthology Film Archives on Friday.  The 36 year-old Giampietro, a friend for over 15 years, is a free-lance musician and filmmaker, who often attends our weekly pasta night gatherings here at 7 Spruce Street, and is the cameraman who shot the site’s Oscar night interview videos featuring Dennis and myself.  Jason has placed many comments here at the site over the past four years. It was surely a huge honor for Jay to be invited to the Anthology Film Archives’ Bicycle Film Festival, which ran three times on Friday, June 30 at the stone building on the corner of Second Avenue and 3rd Street, a long-time art house institution that Woody Allen once called his “favorite Manhattan theatre.”  Giampietro’s large contingency of friends and associates were on hand for his big night, as was his perky girlfriend and musical band partner Leah Evans, all who greeted the audience members as they bought tickets at the door.  The stylistic Candy Rides featured some splendid performances by long time Giampietro alumni (including Fred Leeds from Giampietro’s second-feature Mr. Rose), and was filmed on the streets of Brooklyn.  Perhaps the biggest honor for the filmmaker was having his short included in a line-up that featured a British short entitled Boy that featured the distinguished actor Timothy Spall, and another about bicycle thievery in front of witnesses that has been showing before feature films at the IFC Film Center.  Giampietro addressed those in attendance with an engaging Q & A, and later celebrated at a local eatery.  Lucille, Danny and I had a great time at the Anthology, and we wish Jason continued success with his short.  Here is a link to the trailer for Candy Rides:

http://youtu.be/6CmxgvzeeeI (more…)

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