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by Allan Fish

(UK 1983 73m) DVD1/2

Bollocks to it!

p  Margaret Matheson  d  Alan Clarke  w  David Leland  ph  Chris Menges  ed  Stephen Singleton  m  The Exploited  art  Jamie Leonard

Tim Roth (Trevor), Sean Chapman (Barry Giller), Terry Richards (Errol), Eric Richard (Harry Parker), Christopher Fulford (PC Anson), Geoffrey Hutchings,

It was impossible to watch Shane Meadows’ This is England without thinking of Made in Britain.  Alan Clarke’s film seemed to hover over it like a cloud that wouldn’t go away.  This is England got rave reviews on both sides of the pond, but in the UK often by people who weren’t old enough to remember Clarke, while in the States virtually no-one had heard of him at all.  Meadows’ film begins with a montage of disconnected events from the early eighties to set a pattern, but basically takes place in 1983.  It was the same year in which Alan Clarke’s piece first came to light on TV.  It was shown as the final part of a series of four plays by David Leland entitled ‘Tales Out of School’.  The earlier portions – entitled Birth of a Nation, Flying into the Wind and Rhino – are generally forgotten (Birth of a Nation very unjustly), but Made in Britain refuses to go away, and had refused to go away even before Meadows stirred memories of its power.  (more…)

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