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by Allan Fish

(UK 1999 175m) DVD1/2

Ode to the Giants

p  Tim Haines, Jasper James, John Lynch  d  Jasper James  w  various  ph  John Howarth, Peter Thorn  ed  Andrew Wilks  m  Ben Bartlett  spc  Jamie Campbell, Jez Harris, Mike Milne, Mike McGee, Tim Greenwood

narrated by  Kenneth Branagh

Imagine you could travel back in time to a time long before man, back across sixty-five million years.  As you travel you would see huge changes in the vegetation and the climate, even the surface of the earth itself would move, as mountain ranges are pushed up by colliding continents…in Walking With Dinosaurs, we will show you how these magnificent creatures live, how they eat, fight and reproduce.”

When it came to my reviewing the BBC’s iconic turn of the millennium documentary, I was filled with a sense of trepidation.  Would it be as good as it was on those midweek evenings back in 1999, or would there be an inherent apathy toward what then seemed revolutionary?  Certainly the succeeding ventures of the team, from one off special The Ballad of Big Al to Walking with Beasts, though exemplary, hadn’t quite had the same impact.  Then again, in the case of the latter, though impressive, woolly mammoths don’t quite have the impact of good old T-Rex and Liopleurodon.  (more…)

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