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by Allan Fish

Here we go again…

Best Picture It’s a Wonderful Life, US (12 votes)

Best Director Frank Capra, It’s a Wonderful Life (8 votes)

Best Short The Great Piggy Bank Robbery & Northwest Hounded Police (2 votes each, TIE – have to say, criminally undervoted category this week/year, to tie with two is pathetic!)

Best Actor James Stewart, It’s a Wonderful Life (17 votes)

Best Actress Ingrid Bergman, Notorious (13 votes)

Best Supp Actor Claude Rains, Notorious (12 votes)

Best Supp Actress Martita Hunt, Great Expectations (7 votes)

Best Score Dimitri Tiomkin, Duel in the Sun (4 votes)

Best Cinematography Jack Cardiff, A Matter of Life and Death (7 votes – has to be said, colour will out)

and my own best choices…


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