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by Sam Juliano

The comedy countdown is nearing conclusion of it’s first stage – the compilation of the 32 ballots that were cast over a six-week period.  The results will soon be announced by Voting Tabulator Extraordinaire Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr., at which point they will be forwarded to the e mail fraternity who were part of the ‘ballot e mail chain.’  Discussion at that point will immediately commence to ascertain which writers will be covering which films.  A final decision was reached this week to follow the musical countdown with an off-beat total of places, this time, 85.  Hence, sometime later in July a full schedule will be sent out, with the finalized day by day assignments.  The countdown will run Monday through Friday (unlike the musical countdown, which ran six days a week) and is estimated at this allocation to conclude sometime in early November.  I have already received several requests from a few writers, and have happily agreed to the proposals, even with a final tabulation still uncertain.  But, it’s clear enough after the ballots distribution by e mail that certain films are obviously a shoo-in to be named in D’Arminio’s tabulation.  Note: The final results have been sent to the network, after the full report by D’Arminio, who worked his tail off the past few days!  Any readers here who may be writing some essays I urge you to check your  email ASAP.

R.D. Finch’s William Wyler blogathon concluded over a week ago, but the glow can still be felt by anyone clicking on The Movie Projector link.  A personal e mail latter from Melanie Wyler, the director’s daughter, and a comment at the site from the director’s son David have confirmed what just about everyone already knew – that this was one of the greatest ventures ever staged, and that Finch has orchestrated a definitive study of one of America’s greatest ever film artists.  Some of the finest reviews on-line were no doubt inspired by Finch’s tireless enthusiasm and meticulous attention to the survey specific guidelines and incomparable support for every participant. (more…)

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