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Burt Lancaster in Robert Siodmak’s masterpiece “Criss Cross,” one of the greatest film noirs of all-time

by Sam Juliano

The comedy countdown draws nearer, with an opening salvo scheduled for Monday, August 6th courtesy of Sydney native Tony d’Ambra, who also provided the fantastic sidebar banner.  Other site friends and visitors are urged to insert the banner at their own sites, if such a procedure is manageable.  It would of course be greatly appreciated.  The first week (Nos. 100 through 96) will also feature essays from “J.D.” of Radiator Heaven, Shubhajit Laheri of Cinemascope, and both Allan and I.  The second week, commencing on August 13th with Nos. 95 through 91, will feature two essays from our Chilean college student wunderkind Jaimie Grijalba, one from veteran Treadway, one from our own Jamie Uhler, and another by Allan.

The events in Colorado are sickening beyond words, and some of us have shared our feelings by e mail.  As movie-goers we can further connect with the utter senselessness and depravity of such barbaric acts, planned and hatched in one of our prime cultural havens.  The families must now undergo unconscionable grief and agony.  While temperatures have fallen to tolerable levels in the northeast, and some much-needed precipitation has consorted to cool things off further, reports from the mid-west continue to confirm some oppressive heed in some areas.

I have finally begun to take a look at some recent American television shows that have won the highest praise from the “inner circle” and have moved to acquire blu-ray sets of Deadwood, Breaking Bad and Rome, as well as DVD sets of Carnival and The Wire.  I have now watched the first half of the first season of The Wire, and will have much more to say on future Diarys.  I plan on watching the entire run before the summer is out, and will tackle some of the others purchased.  The one other show I will be moving to acquire (one that a number of people at the site have praised on Diary threads is Mad Men. (more…)

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