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Conrad Veidt and Mary Philbin in Universal’s 1928 masterpiece THE MAN WHO LAUGHS by Paul Leni, one of the greatest films in the history of the cinema

by Sam Juliano

Indian summer is just about upon us, though the more seasoned veterans would apply the term dog days of summer.  Either way we seem headed for outdoor steam baths in our respective locations, and many of us will be taking to the roads.  The 2012 summer Olympic games are officially underway in London, and many will be following the events intensely.   Here at WitD, our tempered smiles will soon be exploding in bouts of laughter as the comedy poll is just one week away from launch.  As stated on last week’s thread, the project will be underway with an essay on the No. 100 comedy choice on Monday, August 6th by Tony d’Ambra, and will continue well into December, up until the Number 1 placement is posted.  By sheer volume, and involvement this is expected to be the most auspicious project ever staged at the site.  The posts will run every Monday through Friday.  Writers are asked to send reviews to me by e mail, though between August 20 through the 24th I will be out of state, and Allan will handle the postings.  I will still comment from my out of state location at the site during those days.

Readers are urged to check out Jaimie Grijalba’s Top 100 ‘horror films’ countdown at Exodus 8:2.  Grijalba’s short film will soon be posted for viewers to access as well.

The past week’s insanity was one of the most cinematically blistering of 2012, as Lucille and several of the kids watched a slew of Universal films as part of the long-running Festival at the Film Forum.  We saw eleven (11) Universals, and one recent release, Killer Joe, on Saturday, our 17th wedding anniversary. (more…)

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