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Seung-Jun Yi’s unsentimental but deeply moving and poetic documentary ‘Planet of Snail’ about blind and deaf man, Cho Youngchan

by Sam Juliano

The long-planned and deliberated upon Top 100 ‘Comedy Countdown’ officially launches today with an essay by Tony d’Ambra on the Preston Sturges classic that finished in No. 100 position.  Thus, it begins a long-running project that will not conclude until a few days before Christmas.  The comedy countdown is starting roughly one calendar year after the musical countdown, a fantastic venture that offered a Top 70, and attracted astonishing numbers of comments and page views throughout.  It is hoped and anticipated the comedy survey will inspire similar statistics, while instigating revisionist positions on screen comedy.  Some of net’s finest film writers will be on hand to given analytical breath to the cumulative findings of 32 bloggers who cast the votes that determined what are seen as the greatest comedies ever made.  The countdown will run five days a week from Monday through Friday.  Lucille the kids and I will be out of state from, Sunday evening, August 20 till Thursday afternoon August 24 on a driving trip, but aside from that, I will be taking a hands-on approach to the navigation of the countdown on a daily basis.  Still, on those few days I will be following the activity on a laptop when I am in a hotel with the family.

The BFI Sight and Sound polling, conducted every decade, and an all-encompassing venture that brings in critics worldwide this week announced the 2012 results, with Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo displacing Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane as the No. 1 film of all-time, after the latter had held the top spot for 50 years.  The results were announced here at WitD in a post that generated spirited and sometimes-contentious discussion among site regulars.  But in the end, all is well, and everyone has lived to face the next instance of disparity. (more…)

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