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by Allan Fish

(UK 2006-2007 920m) DVD1/2

A word in yer shell-like, pal

p  Cameron Roach, Claire Parker  d  S.J.Clarkson, John Alexander, John McKay, Bharat Nalluri, Richard Clark, Andrew Gunn  w/created by  Matthew Graham, Tony Jordan, Ashley Pharoah, Chris Chibnall  m  Edmund Butt

John Simm (DCI Sam Tyler), Philip Glenister (DCI Gene Hunt), Liz White (Annie Cartwright), Dean Andrews (Ray Carling), Marshall Lancaster (Chris Skelton), Noreen Kershaw (Phyllis), Tony Marshall (Nelson), Lee Ross, Marc Warren, Georgia Taylor, Peter Wight, Anthony Flanagan, Paul Copley, Rebecca Atkinson,

It all started in Hyde, a real yet somehow mythical place.  Did it ever exist?  It all ended there…or should I perhaps say the last act began there.  That didn’t take place until 2010, or was it 1983, and would not be under the jurisdiction of the title Life on Mars.  Yet can we discuss Life on Mars without discussing its successor, Ashes to Ashes, Acts III-V in Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharaoh’s tale?  That’s all after the event, of course.  As George Lucas knew, one has to have a success before one can have a saga.

So we go back to a hit and run on Satchmore   Road in Manchester in 2006, as DCI Sam Tyler drifts in and out of potentially fatal unconsciousness and dreams himself – or is it a dream – back in the same place in 1973.  Gone the official suits, iPods, Playstations and skin dabs, hello leather jackets, collars the size of 30° set squares, vinyl heaven, the test card, Camberwick Green and demotion to DI, a fish out of water in a CID marshalled by DCI Gene Hunt, the self-proclaimed Sheriff of Manchester, an old-school gut instinct first and procedure second copper who sees political incorrectness as ticking the wrong ballot paper (or worse, voting for a woman prime minister – he may have had a point).  Sam thinks he has to find his way home to 2006, finds that the killer he’s searching for 33 years hence actually killed in 1973, but whatever he tries, he stays put.  (more…)

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