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by Pat Perry

Arthur Bach, Dudley Moore’s perpetually and cheerfully sozzled billionaire man-child – whose mad, inebriated cackle we hear ringing out from his chauffeured Rolls Royce even before we lay eyes on him – is a much-loved film character.

We may cherish Arthur all the more nowadays since his kind has nearly vanished from the entertainment landscape. In the thirty-plus years since Arthur first hit movie screens, the balls-out funny drunk has been become an increasingly rare commodity in film and television. When I was a kid, my family and I laughed ourselves silly over W.C. Fields movies, Foster Brooks slurring his way through Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts, and Otis, the Mayberry town drunk who locked himself into a jail cell each night with the key that Sheriff Andy left out for him. These days, pratfalling inebriates are mostly served up for either our scorn or our pity on reality television. (It’s instructive that, in both this film’s 1988 sequel and its 2011 remake, Arthur is forced to make a painful journey into sobriety.) (more…)

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by Sam Juliano

The heat and humidity continues to linger as we move towards the middle of September and the start of the autumn season.  The New York Film Festival is around the corner, as is the opening of the Metropolitan Opera Season.  The NFL schedule has commenced, and just weeks remain in the Major League Baseball schedule.  Movie fans are gearing up for what is traditionally the finest part of the year, and here at Wonders in the Dark the comedy countdown continues along with one-fourth of the reviews already posted.  Like last year’s musical countdown, the page views and comments have registered impressively, and practically every submission has been top-drawer.

Dee Dee’s work on the John Garfield petition continues to attract comments from all over the world, and one needs only to click on the sidebar link under the iconic actor’s picture to take you to the report page that has featured regular updates.  Dee Dee, Barbara LaMotta and Lori Moore have worked miracles over the last several months, and I’m confident they will be rewarded with an announcement.

With school starting, it has been a hectic time for my entire family (the kids beginning their high school and grammar school schedules, Lucille planning for her first principal meetings with her teachers, and Yours Truly commencing with a new literature program for middle schoolers) and I’ve had to put a bit of a halt on the French Old Wave Festival, attending only two films there since the Tuesday Morning Diary of September 4.  The decision was easier still when I realized that I had already seen all but one of the films I decided to take a pass on, several even on the big screen in past festivals.  This freed me up to spend time and home and to aggressively tackle the television shows I had started a few weeks back. (more…)

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