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[image: screencap of Woody Allen in Broadway Danny Rose saying “it’s important to have some laughs, but you gotta suffer a little too because otherwise you miss the whole point to life”].

by John Greco

Broadway Danny Rose opens at the famed Carnegie Deli located in midtown Manhattan, known for its huge Pastrami and Corned Beef sandwiches and as a well known show business hangout for many of the old time Borscht Belt comedians of yesterday. At one table dishing out old show biz stories are comedians Corbett Monica, Sandy Baron, Jackie Gayle and Will Jordan among others all playing themselves. Also in the group is Jack Rollins, Allen’s long time producer. The tales go around, back and forth, names come and go until Sandy Baron announces he has the best Danny Rose story ever. We flash back to a time not too long in the past.

Danny Rose (Woody Allen) is a fourth rate theatrical agent whose client list is filled with some of oddest acts in show business including a one legged dancer, a woman who plays musical glasses, a blind Xylophonist and a stuttering ventriloquist. Danny is a good hearted loser who believes in his clients’ worth no matter how bad they are. He is willing to go to the extreme to keep his acts happy and get them jobs. It’s this dedication that gets him in trouble when he becomes involved with his top client’s mistress and some unfriendly gangsters who mistake Danny as her lover. (more…)

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The Master Paul Thomas Anderson phoenix New Trailer For Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’   Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix & Amy Adams

Joaquin Phoenix in Paul Thomas Anderson’s often brilliant but problematic “The Master”

by Sam Juliano

The site’s well-received comedy countdown has now reached the point where last year’s spectacularly-successful musical countdown began with today’s No. 70 essay by John Greco.  It will of course continue well into December, with the final posts due only days from Christmas.  Some of the internet’s finest film writers have been strutting their stuff, and the result has been a real treat for film fans and the site’s readers.  In the meantime we are at that brief juncture where baseball, football, opera, vintage theatre and the New York Film festival converge, and the result is some frantic immersion for culture and sports fans.

Dee Dee and her spirited organizers continue to promote the ‘John Garfield petition’ that is calling on the powers that be to bring out a box set of this acting icon’s most celebrated films.  The most recent updates continue to be posted on a page that is accessible under the actor’s picture on the sidebar.  At Exodus 8:2 WitD’s own Jaimie Grijalba continues with his horror countdown that will run until Halloween.

With the conclusion of the French Old Wave Festival at the Film Forum, the theatre will now be featuring some venerated film classics for one-week runs.  Among these are Port of Shadows, Repulsion, Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, The Tin Drum, Wake in Fright, Brief Encounter and a 3D presentation of Creature from the Black Lagoon.  Lucille and I (and the three boys for the Lloyd)  attended three new releases in what a reasonably busy week.  I also completed the fourth season of Breaking Bad, watching approximately 11 hours on the plasma over the past week.  I hope to be able to watch the eight fifth and final season episodes that are available for PC navigation through the proper channels.  The final season will also have an additional eight episodes that will be broadcast in May, making for 16 in total.  My position remains that it’s one of the great television dramas. (more…)

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