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Screen cap from Rian Johnson’s futuristic thriller “Looper” one of the creative films of 2012.

by Sam Juliano

October 1st.  Time does march on.  Seems like summer just ended yesterday.  Now it’s time to visit our local pumpkin patch, dust off our horror movie shelves and start thinking ‘sweater’ when we leave the house for work.  If you live in the right areas, it’s a time when Mother Nature sports her prettiest clothes, and Jack Frost starts to spread his own kind of seasonal greetings.  The Major League baseball season has only days to go and both New York Yankee and Baltimore Orioles fans are beside themselves with the tension that comes with a deadlocked pennant race.  Football has it’s own kind of problem these days with the men in the stripes, but it appears a settlement is imminent.  The presidental election is a little over  a month away, and for the first time Wonders in the Dark will take a stand publicly and urge its American readers to cast their votes for President Obama and Democrat candidates in statewide races and for congressional seats on November 6th.  It’s no secret that the membership at this place is liberal, and even our European kin have no use for GOP policies and challenger Mitt Romney.  I’ll leave the rest for the comment section if such a dialogue should come about, but otherwise there will be more commentary as we get closer to Election Day.

At Exodus 8:2 Jaimie Grijalba ‘s 100 day ‘horror countdown’ continues in force and is the product of remarkable resilience.     Dee Dee continues to report new signatures in the ongoing ‘John Garfield Challenge’ venture that is aimed at convincing DVD and blu-ray production companies to honor the great American actor with a box set of his most seminal works.  The trio of Dee Dee, Lori Moore and Barbara LaMotta have secured written approval from fans all over the world, many of whom have penned glowing testimonials to the cinematic icon.  The regularly updated report page can be acessed on the sidebar under Garfield’s photo.   Dee Dee has reported as of Sunday that  a total of 403 signatures have been collected to date!  On last week’s MMD several of our regulars reported watching some Garfield features, no doubt inspired by all the attention being showered on the actor as of late. (more…)

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by Allan Fish

1958 already.  Only 54 more weeks to go…

Best Picture Vertigo, US (16 votes)

Best Director Alfred Hitchcock, Vertigo (13 votes)

Best Short Free Radicals, UK, Lenny Lye (5 votes)

Best Actor James Stewart, Vertigo (12 votes)

Best Actress Kim Novak, Vertigo (5 votes)

Best Supp Actor Dean Martin, Some Came Running (8 votes)

Best Supp Actress Wendy Hiller, Separate Tables (5 votes)

Best Cinematography Russell Metty, Touch of Evil (7 votes)

Best Score Bernard Herrmann, Vertigo (15 votes)

and my choices…


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