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by Sam Juliano

Present-day John Waters fans who are only familiar with his vomit-inducing Pink Flamingos may be unaware that his best work followed that landmark of sleaze with Female Trouble (1974) and Desparate Living (1977). Of these two, the former rates a slight edge, as it gave bad taste an entirely new level of meaning. Yet, it’s outrageous characters, vile mise en scène and trashy decor was what Waters was all about in those years, and as he was in his writing “prime” it brought out his most inspired talents for satire and self-parody, no matter whose expense it was at. You know you’re in for a most “special” experience after the opening scene, when rotund Baltimore high-schooler Dawn Davenport (played by the king of sleaze himself, Divine) takes major issue with a Christmas present she received from her parents; she discovers a shoe box under the Christmas tree that does not contain the cha cha heels she asked for:

Dawn Davenport:  What are these?

Mrs. Davenport:  Those are your new shoes, Dawn!

Dawn Davenport:  Those aren’t the right kind, I told you cha cha heels, black ones!

Mr. Davenport:  Nice girls don’t wear cha cha heels!

Dawn Davenport:  Gimmie those presents, I’ll never wear those ugly shoes! I told you the kind I wanted! You ruined my Christmas!

[stomps the Christmas presents]

Mrs. Davenport:  Please Dawn! Not on Christmas!

Dawn Davenport:  Get off me you ugly witch!  [pushes mother into Christmas tree]

Mr. Davenport:  Dawn Davenport are you crazy? Look at your mother!

Dawn Davenport: Get off me……Lay off me! I hate you; fuck you! Fuck you both, you awful people! You’re not my parents! I hate you, I hate this house, and I hate Christmas! (more…)

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Solomon Glave and Shannon Beer in Andrea Arnold’s ravishing, impressionistic ‘Wuthering Heights’

Screen cap from Tim Burton’s exceptional new film “Frankenweenie”

by Sam Juliano

Park Avenue, Fairview’s own Jason “Jay” Giampietro, who also resides part-time in Brooklyn with his lovely girlfriend Leah Evans, may find himself in the near-future among the Borough’s most famous residents, after his short film Candy Rides continues to make a remarkable worldwide run, appearing this month at the “Bicycle Fest” in London after screening at similar venues in Montreal and Istanbul among other cities.  Giampietro has taken his success in stride, exhibiting carefree humility, alerting his friends and associates with brief Facebook updates.  Giampietro, who also performs as part of a two-person band with Leah, exerts inexhaustible energy, and is always thinking one step ahead, with another short on the drawing boards.  Giampietro has also directed two other films, Mr. Rose and Arnie, done before his long stint composing and performing music for several bands.  Anyone in London is urged to check out the screening of Candy Rides.  Jason reported to me that the film will albe be included at a venue in Italy, and that anyone is welcome to view the short by letting him know by e mail:  thepascualperez@gmail.com

The petition “trio” of Dee Dee, Lori Moore and Barbara LaMotta continue to plug away in behalf of film icon John Garfield, gathering signatures from around the world in support of a proposed DVD box set of the actor’s most revered films.  The sponsors are pondering an extension to allow their goal to be reached.

Down in Valdivia, Chile, an ebullient Jaimie Grijalba has been emailing his WitD colleagues with the latest updates of the festival he traveled eight hours south by bus to attend, and he just now added that two young filmmakers from his school (Catholic University in Santiago) has won major prizes.  Grijalba has also offered up a glowing report on Holy Motors, a film that was also praised weeks back from Canadian Sachin Gandhi, and is due to open in New York in a week or two.  We all look forward to Jaimie’s summary report of this major film event from South America. (more…)

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