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by Allan Fish

Here we go…

Best Picture Psycho, US (9 votes)

Best Director Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho (8 votes)

Best Actor Anthony Perkins, Psycho (7 votes)

Best Actress Shirley MacLaine, The Apartment (5 votes)

Best Supp Actor Fred MacMurray, The Apartment (6 votes)

Best Supp Actress Janet Leigh, Psycho (10 votes)

Best Cinematography Raoul Coutard, A Bout de Souffle (5 votes)

Best Score Bernard Herrmann, Psycho (14 votes)

Best Short High Note, Chuck Jones, US (2 votes)

and my own choices…


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By Bob Clark

Has the New York Film Festival really only been around for 50 years? It’s such an institution at this point, it feels like it must’ve existed in some form or another on Manhattan isle since the inception of the medium, if not even further back in the island’s history of forward thinking magic-lantern patrons. Since the Festival’s first debuted at Lincoln Center, it’s been one of the best places to get in touch with the broad sweep of international film and domestic art-house cinema of all shapes and sizes, showcasing everything from groundbreaking experimental and dramatic fare to crowd pleasing instant-classics and controversy-courtesans alike. It’s not as prestigious as the high art awards galas of Cannes or Venice (the fact that there are no awards save acceptance into the schedule is testament to that, a more democratic rather than competitive atmosphere), nor as trendy as relative newcomers like Tribeca, Toronto or Fantastic Fest and its ilk (only a foaming-at-the-mouth fanboy could take a festival with a name like that seriously), but by this point it’s as immovable and essential an institution to New York culture and American consciousness on film in general as anything else, second only in prominence on a national scale to the Oscars and at least ten times more relevant. I’ve been attending each year since 1999, and though this latest experience hasn’t been quite as stunning as what I enjoyed last year, it’s easily been one of the better line-ups in the festival’s history so far, fitting for this auspicious anniversary. So let’s get going with the first four films I’ve enjoyed at the fest so far, with another four to come.


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