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‘Yeah, a proud Christian would definitely do Life of Brian justice* (* denotes sarcasm)’ – an email sent to the organizators and writers of this countdown after I said I would take on ‘Life of Brian’ for this comedy countdown.
Now, while that statement is completely moronic in the sense that anyone can read it and sense just how wrong the whole thought process is flawed, every word is a testament of a person with forced stereotipes and all-assuming characteristics regarding people they don’t even know! Only people that don’t know me would call me ‘a proud Christian’ (specially since the sarcasm wasn’t regarding that, but about how you can make this movie’s justice being ‘a proud Christian’), since when while I’ve told many that I do believe in a superior force, let’s call it God, and in its incarnation on Earth, let’s call it Jesus, that doesn’t mean that I obey every rule in the good book, neither does it mean that I’ve actually read it, nor that I find myself with conservative ways of thinking towards society and how it should be (if any, I believe that most of the time, the teachings of Jesus were closer to communism more than anything else), but rather the contrary, always fighting for equality between all people on Earth, different social classes, gender, sexual preferences, races, even if they believe in a God or not. And while the film is a favorite of many, my views and personal expressions towards the morality and the issue about equanimity in every sense possible inside this universe in which we live, I must say that this film offends me deeply and emotionally, and I can’t watch it for more than 44 minutes at how disgusted I am towards the whole stance that the film makes. It’s an aberration and if you like it, you should be ashamed of yourself! (more…)

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