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Pat Perry in Shanghai, China during 2008 musical tour

by Sam Juliano

Note: This is the fourteenth entry in an ongoing series that honors creative bloggers who have really made a difference, raising the bar for quality and productivity on the cultural front.

There have been fifteen people covered in previous installments of WitD’s long-running “blogger’s appreciation” series, and it’s hard to imagine any single one matching Chicagoan Pat Perry by way of extensive diversity of travel, cultural experiences and the performing arts.  Perry, who grew up in an Indiana farm town 90 miles south of the Windy City, and who bleeds Hoosier blood,  has developed a multi-cultural palette that has embraced a wide array of interests ranging from classical music, art house cinema, a deep passion for the art museum, and an impressive travel background that has landed her in eight European countries, and to Shanghai, China, the last stop a proud 2008 appearance with a choir performing in some Olympic themed concerts.  A big fan of Turner Classic Movies, community theatre, romantic comedies, and the often misunderstood “chick flicks” Perry founded her film blog Doodad Kind of Town in March, 2007 after a stint writing poltical pieces and personal essays.  Blessed with a great singing voice and acting talent, Perry has made good with these endowments, playing major  parts in community theatre productions of The Women, Oliver!, Cabaret, Sweeney Todd and Nine.  Her favorite of these was the role of “Schneider” in Cabaret.  Perry admits that her love for the usical form dates all the way back to the time she was four years old, and the lasting influence Mary Poppins has on her.  The erstwhile fan of the form admits that the “unreality” of it all captured her imagination, and that she instantly took a liking to the expression of story through song.  Still for all her talent and interest in music and singing Perry divides her passion between the aural and the visual, with a lifetime of visits to art museums in New York, Chicago and Europe and a studied appreciation of all the great artists.  She identifies ‘Kandinsky’ as her personal favorite and enthusiastically opines: “I loved the retrospective of his work at the Guggenheim in 2009. I like to visit the Art Institute of Chicago, although their new Modern Art wing does not seem to be as thoughtfully curated as the rest of the museum. Another favorite is the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in Boston, a fully restored Venetian palazzo (it was shipped, brick by brick, from Venice to Boston and rebuilt there) where the paintings are all jumbled without regard to putting works of the same period or artist in the same room It’s eccentric, but it’s wonderful.” (more…)

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Here we go again…

Best Picture West Side Story, US (7 votes)

Best Director Alain Resnais, L’Année Dernière à Marienbad (6 votes)

Best Actor Toshiro Mifune, Yojimbo (10 votes)

Best Actress Harriet Andersson, Through a Glass Darkly (11 votes)

Best Supp Actor Fernando Rey Viridiana (4 votes, Bill Riley thankfully saving a five way tie)

Best Supp Actress Rita Moreno, West Side Story (14 votes)

Best Cinematography Sacha Vierny, L’Année Dernière à Marienbad (10 votes)

Best Score Miklós Rózsa, El Cid (5 votes)

Best Short Very Nice Very Nice, Canada, Arthur Lipsett (2 votes)

And my own choices…


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